UK Jews say rift with Corbyn's Labour will take a decade to heal

“The relationship between Labour and the Jewish community, once rock solid, has been all but destroyed,” the Board of Deputies said in a statement. “Rebuilding will take more than mild expressions of regret.”

The group, made up of elected representatives from almost 300 synagogues and local Jewish organizations nationwide, published a list of 10 pledges it wants the next leader to make. They include using an independent body for the party’s disciplinary process and ensuring anyone suspended or expelled from Labour over antisemitism is deprived of a platform for their views.

The pledges “give Labour a clear route to navigate its way from the anti-Jewish racism which has blighted the party,” said van der Zyl, laying the blame for the problem squarely with Corbyn. “It’s going to require a huge amount of resolve from the leadership.”