The United Kingdom has risked angering the United States and potentially jeopardized intelligence sharing between the two nations by announcing on Tuesday that it will allow Chinese telecoms giant Huawei to build parts of its 5G internet network.

However, the U.K. government said in a statement that the company will only have access to 35 percent of the network, excluding “core” elements of the country’s telecoms infrastructure. The company will also be labelled a “high-risk vendor.”…

The decision, the result of a long-running review, was made by Johnson after a meeting of the British National Security Council (NSC), comes after three senators warned the U.K. against any involvement with the company, which has been accused of posing a security risk.

A letter signed by John Cornyn, R-Texas, Marco Rubio, R-Florida, and Tom Cotton, R-Arkansas, explicitly warned that a post-Brexit free trade deal between the U.K. and U.S. could be threatened by Huawei’s involvement in British infrastructure.