A better way to understand what they’re up to involves looking back at the vicious attacks on Brett Kavanaugh at his Supreme Court confirmation hearings. The reprehensible smears, based on false accusations of sexual misconduct going back decades, were instantly embraced by every Democrat on the Senate judiciary committee, along with Minority Leader Sen. Chuck Schumer.

Kavanaugh was narrowly confirmed in October of 2018, so the battle was lost. But not the war.

In the midterm elections just a month later, Dems picked up seven governors’ seats previously held by Republicans without losing a single one they had held.

Most important, of course, they flipped the House to take control, with many of their new seats in districts Trump won in the 2016 election.

In short, Dems were rewarded for their resistance against Trump and their smears of Kavanaugh. That is the lesson they learned, and it’s why they are again carrying out another scorched-earth attack on Trump and the GOP.