Palestinian antagonism is understandable, but what alternative would they and their supporters propose? That’s an urgent question for Israelis, Americans and Arabs who fear, as I do, that Trump’s attempt to impose a settlement favorable to Israel against the will of the Palestinians will set the stage for more bloodshed and bitterness. If we think this won’t fly, what’s the alternative?

Trump’s leverage is that many leading Arab states are giving what’s close to tacit support to the proposal and its promise of eventual normalization between the Arabs and Israel. If Arab leaders begin taking additional steps, such as inviting Israeli trade or cultural delegations, the pace of normalization will accelerate — deepening the dilemma for the Palestinians.

Here’s how one Trump administration supporter of the plan puts it: “If the Palestinians reject it, the Arabs may just say: ‘These guys are crazy. Let’s move forward.’”…

The bottom line for the Trump peace plan, like so many other issues these days, is that it all depends on the November presidential election. The Palestinians won’t sit at Trump’s negotiating table for now. But what would they do if he were reelected, and an Israeli cultural mission was sitting in Riyadh?