What if Trump gave Alaska to Putin?

As it happens, Alaska isn’t my example, but that of Alan Dershowitz, the president’s lawyer. “Assume Putin decides to ‘retake’ Alaska, the way he ‘retook’ Crimea,” Dershowitz wrote in a 2018 book. “Assume further that a president allows him to do it, because he believed that Russia has a legitimate claim to ‘its’ original territory.” Even that would not merit impeachment and removal by Dershowitz’s standards.

Note to Alaska senators Lisa Murkowski and Dan Sullivan: Your thoughts, comrades?

Do we really think that there should be no checks on a rogue president as he handed Alaska over to Putin — or Florida to Spain, while we’re at it — or even as he pardoned streams of Republican bank robbers? Must we tolerate an out-of control ruler who engages, in the words of the Declaration of Independence, in “a long train of abuses and usurpations”?

That’s the kind of system that we rebelled against in 1776, no?