These street smart voters can sense a phony when they see one, and Warren is a fraud of the first order. Whether it is the current uproar over her wine cave hypocrisy, her false claim of being Native American to gain a leg up on her professional competition, or her faux outrage at big corporations she used to collect huge paychecks from, she will say or do anything to get ahead.

Like him or not, Sanders is anything but fake. He has been singing off the same song sheet for a half century. You will not find any big corporations on his resume. His disdain for millionaires and billionaires is as fervent as ever, even as he has become one. He does not shrink from his ideas out of political expediency. He believes what he says, as wild as it may sound.

With the Cold War in the rear view mirror, culturally conservative blue collar types can look past his ideological extremism to see someone promising to shake up the status quo bigly. That is the same quality they saw in Trump, who in 2016 won Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan by a total of less than 78,000 votes. In 2020, he cannot afford any attrition. If the past is a prologue, Sanders can take some of those votes. Warren has no such track record. That is why Trump should be rooting for Warren.