The Trump campaign spent the past week beating the drums of war, blasting critics and defending a hard-line approach to Iran. Then on Wednesday, when the president yanked back on his threats, the aides rushed to praise his softer approach and frame him as an agent of peace.

“You never know what tomorrow will bring,” said a campaign aide.

While the White House regularly responds late or releases conflicting messages on the issue of the day, the Trump campaign quietly and swiftly falls in line behind a famously shape-shifting president — pushing out new talking points, debuting new items on the Trump campaign’s web store and buying Facebook ads — in their quest to defend any decision the president makes in whichever direction it goes…

A former administration official said the campaign should try to shift the conversation back to other issues as quickly as possible once impeachment and Iran subside.

“They should stick to bread and butter issues,” the person said. “They should pound away at the economy, safety, immigration. People eventually vote on what impacts them and what they feel.”