Trump’s top aides were met Monday with stark reminders of the new risks facing the administration in the new year: enhanced security measures across the White House including additional Secret Service agents, tighter security at entrances and greater scrutiny of visitors.

One White House official said the new posture involved guards taking a bit more time, or more closely screening cars entering the complex, “but nothing over the top that would disrupt entry for people with legitimate reasons to enter.” The official also said officers are making extra-sure people are alone in their cars when driving in, and using Secret Service dogs for a longer-than-usual time.

A senior Pentagon official said the administration has “increased our force posture throughout CENTCOM.” A member of Iran’s Parliament even said Iran could attack the White House itself, according to an Iranian news agency.

Senior administration officials also have been told to be on the lookout for cyberattacks that often arrive in inboxes as suspicious emails, one of those officials said.