“Look, I’ve been the object of Donald Trump’s affection now more than anyone else,” Biden said Tuesday in Des Moines. “I’ve taken all the hits he’s delivered, and I’m only getting stronger in the polls.”

Will Sanders soon be able to claim a similar distinction? It’s impossible to say how much of Trump’s new obsession is about novelty (Sanders’s poll numbers have been improving) and how much is about strategy. Likewise, no one can tell whether “Trump’s advisers” actually consider Sanders “their ideal Democratic opponent in November” or whether they’re just telling the Times that because they’d prefer not to run against him and want to trick Democrats into nominating someone else. And it’s not even clear whether Trump and his team see eye to eye here: According to the Times, Trump “believes he is actually hurting Mr. Sanders” while his advisers “find utility in trying to elevate” him.

In this, at least, Republicans appear to be in the same boat as Democrats: totally confused about who has the best chance of winning on Election Day.