In the new decade, however, Trump seems to finally be singing off the Gabbard songsheet, as we can see from the Soleimani assassination, charitably dubbed ‘improvisational‘ and a ‘blow for peace‘ by my comrades Freddy Gray and Daniel McCarthy.

At the end of 2019, Tulsi was out in the weeds, threatening to boycott debates she hadn’t qualified for and frantically posting workout videos like every other Instagram influencer. She kicked off the new year by surfing in an early-primary state, perhaps hoping the tide would carry her off so she wouldn’t have to suffer the ignominy of scoring lowly on February 3.

But the escalating conflict with Iran should be an adrenaline shot into her candidacy — something most Democrats languishing at the lower end of the polls would envy. It could serve the same purpose for her as billionaire Bloomberg’s entry into the race has for Bernie Sanders; creating a tangible foil for the points she’s been making all along.