The servility of so much of conservative media in our time is astounding. I understand that there are partisans in the audience who want NR and other publications to function as party organs, but I am surprised and embarrassed by how abject and obedient conservative media has largely become. One America News Network (it is a real shame that the appropriate acronym ONAN doesn’t quite work there), which hopes to displace Fox News, runs commercials in which it boasts of the president’s “love” for the outlet.

Another commercial for a conservative television channel boasts, “President Trump says he likes us!” and notes that he has tweeted praise of them. I don’t remember whether that’s a One America ad or an ad for a different product, but it’s on the radio constantly.

Implied presidential endorsements are now part of a common marketing strategy in conservative media. Talk-radio hosts include words of praise from the president in their opening audio montages. “You wouldn’t believe the shows I’m turning down to be on your show,” Trump will say, or, “You’ll notice I walked over here very quickly!” I’m not making these up. That disgraceful stuff is what talk-radio hosts are actually bragging about in 2020. Of course most of them are smart enough to know that Trump says the same thing to everybody; they just think their audiences don’t know or don’t care.