What we’re hearing: Senators, who have been required by law to remain silent during the trial’s floor proceedings, are eager to finally have an opportunity to actively participate in the trial.

Both Democrat and Republican senators have been coordinating internally with members of their party to ensure they hit all of the most important topic areas and that there’s no overlap.

According to my latest conversations with Democrats, they are eager to ask questions that expose the Trump defense team’s “gaps in direct knowledge and facts,” as one senior aide described it, and underscore the need to hear from witnesses who could provide a firsthand account of Trump’s diplomacy with Ukraine.

Meanwhile, many of the president’s fiercest Republican allies are interested in asking questions about corruption in Ukraine, with the goal of eliciting answers that justify Trump’s desire to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter. They’ll also ask some that are designed to poke holes in House Democrats’ impeachment process.