Conservatives have been making the same point for decades, only to be sneered at by progressives who insisted that such claims were conspiracy theories. In reality, it has long been obvious that CNN operates more like the PR department for the Democratic National Committee (DNC) than a legitimate news outlet. The last time Sanders ran for president, CNN commentator Donna Brazile gave Hillary Clinton advance copies of debate questions during the Democratic primary. It was CNN’s Candy Crowley who jumped in to back up erstwhile President Barack Obama on a brazen lie about Benghazi during a debate with Mitt Romney.

If it isn’t obvious, the DNC is terrified of Sanders. They know he doesn’t have a prayer of beating Trump and that the latter would like nothing better than to run against an unrepentant socialist. The problem is that Sanders is doing better than expected in the polls, particularly in Iowa and New Hampshire. If he beats Biden in either or both of those contests, his chances of winning the Democratic presidential nomination will rise dramatically. His momentum will increase further if the purported front-runner for the nomination, former Vice President Joe Biden, continues to have episodes of incoherent maundering.