One GOP lawmaker, Sen. John Cornyn of Texas, suggested that Biden’s testimony would not help senators resolve the primary question raised by the trial. “I suffer from a legal education and about 20 years experience as a lawyer and a judge. I view it through that frame,” he said. “This is about who has material evidence on a disputed question of fact that is charged by the Articles of Impeachment. To me, that’s the way I approach that.”

“I’m not saying it wouldn’t be interesting,” Cornyn continued. “I’m not saying he won’t be called as a witness, but if he is called as a witness—I mean Bolton, for example, is called witness—I agree with Senator Cruz and others who said they should be done in pairs, or in other words there needs to be witnesses called by both sides.”

When asked if he felt Republicans needed to hear from Biden during the trial, Sen. Roy Blunt of Missouri paused for a moment before answering that he’d consider it if Trump’s team felt that way.