Joe Biden secures the Democratic nomination for President after a crazy primary season and maybe even a brokered convention.

Donald Trump, to the surprise of no one, is found not guilty in his Senate trial and cruises to the Republican nomination for President.

Bernie Sanders and ardent supporters refuse to accept a second defeat for the Democratic nomination lying down, and his campaign stages a hugely successful populist third party candidacy.

On election night, Joe Biden is able to flip the states of Michigan, Wisconsin and Florida in extremely close fashion, but in a wild turn of events, loses the much more left leaning states of Washington, Oregon and Vermont to Senator Sanders’ populist movement. The final tally has Joe Biden winning a majority of the popular vote and winning the most electoral votes at 265 compared to 251 electoral votes for Trump and 22 electoral votes for Sanders.

Since Biden is a mere 5 electoral votes short of securing a majority of electoral votes to win the Electoral College, the election is tossed to the House where each state has one vote based on a majority of their Representatives votes. All three candidates are still eligible.