Sanders’ edge in New Hampshire, a state he won by more than 20 points in the 2016 primaries, comes as polling from CNN and others in Iowa and nationally shows him gaining ground. In New Hampshire, he has edged up 4 points since the last CNN/UNH poll there in October. Warren has slid 6 points in that time. Biden holds about even with his October support and Buttigieg has gained 5 points.

As in polling elsewhere, shifting preferences among liberals have changed the dynamic of the race: Sanders has gained 13 points among liberal likely primary voters in New Hampshire while Warren has dropped 7 points. Sanders now holds a clear lead within that group: 39% back him, 21% Warren.

The Vermont senator has also made gains since October among women (rising from 19% to 27%), and among registered Democrats (from 20% to 29%).

And when asked who they think will win the primary in New Hampshire, nearly 40% of likely Democratic primary voters name Sanders (39%).