Is that what the Rust Belt wants? A candidate who will raise its taxes, wipe out its jobs, regulate its industries into extinction, and turn public schools into LGBTQ laboratories.

Eager to dupe independents and Republicans, the media will of course help Biden in a general election position himself as a less doctrinaire Democrat. But it is just a con. Blue-collar Joe disappeared decades ago. He is far more comfortable on the Ellen show than on the streets of Scranton. He has given up Amtrak for private jets, and, like his lobbyist brother and grifter son, has cashed in on his last name.

But isn’t he the Catholic everyman? No, that too is a tedious myth. He is more like the entitled pol who hits on women before he hits Mass, using his religion as a mascot while betraying its most fundamental teachings. Like John Kerry whose checkered Catholicism cost him the Catholic vote, Biden’s phony faith is more of a liability than an asset. It is just one more reminder that he is an out-of-touch elitist panting after the trends of the moment.