Pompeo has had to grapple with damaging Ukraine-related headlines that raise questions about his temperament and flatly contradict his public claims about administration policy toward the country. Conservative allies have called him a “baby,” senior diplomats have publicly chastised him and State Department staff — pointing to the secretary’s emphasis on respect and professionalism — privately say they’re “incensed” about what they see as his hypocrisy and embarrassed by his leadership…

At the State Department there was little surprise about the secretary’s eruption with NPR’s Mary Louise Kelly.

Pompeo is known to get angry and yell at those who work for him. For those staffers, the NPR outburst was simply a public example his private behavior. “And there were have it. A Mount Mike eruption on the record,” one State official told CNN.

Other staff members said the NPR incident revived their unhappiness over Pompeo’s dealings with the Ukraine scandal. They pointed in particular to his failure to back the career diplomats who were subpoenaed to appear before the House impeachment inquiry and his silence over the ouster of former ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch.