They are said to be worth some $45 million so they could, of course, live a very pleasant life without ever lifting a finger again, but their dramatic statement two weeks ago that triggered this crisis spoke eloquently of their desire to earn an income.

But if “everything they do will continue to uphold the values of Her Majesty,” then we must assume there will be no big American sit-down TV interview that may expose the racism, sexism, and classism of the royal family (as had been mentioned as a possibility last week), and no lucrative embarking on the after-dinner speaking circuit. What juicy or damning stories can Harry and Meghan tell if they are to “uphold” the ultimate royal family value: discretion?

If there does come to be a multi-million dollar book deal, Harry and Meghan, in accordance with the same thinking, would have to ensure it did not embarrass or damagingly expose the royal family.