Haley is not the only Trump-world ally with foreign policy experience being eyed for 2024. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell wants to see Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, 55, run for the open Kansas Senate seat to succeed retiring Sen. Pat Roberts, which could serve as a platform for a 2024 White House bid.

Fueling speculation is a report that Trump is seeking a new secretary of state to replace Pompeo, a former House member from Kansas and CIA director, if he ran for the Senate. Potential successors to Pompeo at Foggy Bottom includes two Republican senators long mentioned as 2024 candidates, Tom Cotton of Arkansas and Marco Rubio of Florida, the latter of whom lost to Trump in the 2016 GOP presidential primary fight.

Yet, another senator and 2016 Trump GOP primary foe is raising his profile, Ted Cruz of Texas. The Princeton and Harvard Law School graduate, 49, has made no secret that in 2024 he wants to take another shot at the presidency.

“Look, I hope to run again,” Cruz said in September. “We came very, very close in 2016. And it’s the most fun I’ve ever had in my life.”