There are countless ways he could have gone to the British, the French, the Germans, the Chinese, the Russians, all of whom stayed in this agreement after he pulled out because they understood the strength of it. But on the contrary, there was no way he could have not gone to them and said, you have to join me now in working on the agreement to deal with Yemen, to deal with the missile crisis, to deal with their support of Hezbollah, to deal
with their interference in Iraq, to deal with their threats to Israel. All of that was on the table when we handed over the keys to the president.

But the president is so fixated on undoing anything Barack Obama did, that he was willing to run the risk of outright war in the effort to fulfill his fantasy about this region and about his presidency. It’s the most dangerous thing I’ve seen since the war I fought in, which was lied about and presented such a crisis to our nation.