JOHN BERMAN: A deal for what, though? What people have been saying is there’s no coherent strategy from the administration when it comes to Iran. What is the strategy?

IAN BREMMER: There’s no coherent strategy but there’s consistency. Don’t hit Americans. Don’t care as much about the allies. Can’t develop nukes. Don’t like anything Obama did.

JOHN BERMAN: They are developing nukes.

IAN BREMMER: They are moving away from the nuclear deal but it’s like if you get a speed limit 65, it’s not like they’re going 120. They’re saying we’ll go 75. Don’t ticket us. We want to go back to the deal. But they’re careful about their escalation. I think Trump wants something that looks like the Iranian deal but has a couple of additional measures to it. It would not end after 15 years. It wouldn’t have a sunset clause. It would continue to go. It’s also something that would probably include some level of inspections or something around Iranian ballistic missile development, for example. So it would be a little broader than what Kerry and Obama got done. The U.S. would be negotiating that from a position of strength. Iran is weaker today than it was when Trump became president. If he wants that opportunity, he certainly has a window for it.