First, despite the preposterous pearl clutching of Freddy Gray on this website, Trump’s hardline against Iran could pay off. He’s steadily raising the military and economic pressure on Tehran. Contrary to all the naysayers, Trump could end up showing that Iran, not America, is the paper tiger. A splendid little war could put the exclamation mark on the Trump first term, allowing him to become the first and only president to lance the Iran boil. Today Trump tweeted, in a variant of liberation theology, that ‘to those many of millions of people in Iraq who want freedom and who don’t want to be dominated and controlled by Iran, this is your time!’ George W. Bush couldn’t have put it better.

Second, I predict that Trump’s election team will be rejuvenated, after a slow start, when Boris Johnson, having successfully engineered Brexit, decides he wants a fresh challenge. He returns to America and replaces Brad Parscale as the head of the campaign, declaring that this is a feat even Winston Churchill, for all his skill at political prestidigitation, never pulled off. Even as Trump muses about making Johnson his new vice president, rumors percolate that Andrew Roberts or Niall Ferguson are preparing a new book to be called The Johnson Factor: How One Man Made History.