The women of Silent No More who will share their heart-breaking testimonies at the March for Life in D.C. and the Walk for Life in San Francisco this coming week will tell their stories of being held down on cold tables as their children were violently ripped from their wombs. Afterward, they were guided to (often filthy) recliners with all the other women who had just endured the same nightmare. They will tell you about the weeping and the anguish, and sometimes, the excruciating pain.

And yes, they will tell you about the regret, sometimes repressed for years, but ultimately responsible for life-altering consequences such as failed relationships, drug and alcohol addictions, more abortions and, sometimes, thoughts of suicide. Additionally, sometimes women are the victims of botched abortions and will never be able to have children afterwards.

In 2013, the New York Times tucked an interesting fact toward the end of a long story on abortion: Just 5% of women who were denied abortion and had their babies wish they hadn’t. The other 95%, in the words of the researcher quoted, “adjust.”

Every life is full of adjustments: Illnesses we haven’t planned, deaths of loved ones that we would never have chosen, lost jobs, divorce.