And to me, for doubting Republicans, if there are any, that’s the more important argument to make. I thought they hit that less hard, and, frankly, less well. All my friends loved Adam Schiff’s closing comments last night.

I was a little less impressed. I mean, the two main arguments were — that’s when he directly addressed why this is worth removing. And it was, well, Trump believed Giuliani, and not his own intelligence agencies, and he did it out of self-interest.

That strikes me as true, not a big crime. And then he said, you can’t trust Trump in the 2020 election, when China may interfere.

But you can’t impeach for something that hasn’t already happened. And so I think the removal part is still a slightly weak case. All Republicans secretly know he did it, some, if there any honest brokers out there, little doubtful about removal.