For a plurality of Americans, the Confederate flag represents racism (41%). But for about one-third of Americans (34%) — particularly adults over 65, those living in rural communities, or non-college-educated white Americans — the flag symbolizes heritage…

Americans older than 55 chose heritage over racism by a clear margin when asked what the Confederate flag means.

Those between 55 and 64 say the Confederate flag represents heritage (41% to 36%), which is a margin that only widens for Americans over 65 (49% vs. 32%). In contrast, a plurality of adults under 44 years old affiliate the Confederate flag with racism.

America’s youngest adults say with certainty that the flag represents racism over heritage. About half (51%) of adults between 18 to 24 say the flag represents racism, and a plurality of those (46%) in their late-20s and early-30s choose racism over heritage. Fewer than one in five adults (16%) between 18 and 24 believe the Confederate flag is a sign of heritage.