“Senator McSally, veteran, amazing record of service. Makes this stunt that much more pathetic,” Cuomo continued, just warming up. “Did she really swap all that good faith for fealty to Trump, somebody she hasn’t even backed in the past? We see the play now, the question was obvious, so was the dodge, so was the disrespect. All textbook Trump. It’s more proof of what this is all about. And here’s more proof just from her of playing from the Trump playbook. Forget about apologizing, she’s trying to raise money off the mockery.”

“Look, if you people in Arizona, if you’re looking for someone to replace McCain, okay, to take the seat that he held, McSally checks a big box, man. Amazing military service. Also a pilot,” Cuomo noted, before dropping the hammer. “But after today and after this, she bears no resemblance to McCain’s dignity, decency, discretion. I can’t believe people would vote for her to fill McCain’s seat. As obvious as her and [Senate Majority Leader Mitch] McConnell’s antics are, we get the reason. What can’t McSally handle? What can’t McConnell handle? The facts. In fact, there’s a chance that this Senate will be the first to refuse to accept the facts delivered from the house, but they also may refuse to access the facts themselves through witnesses. How can you do your job then?”