For the past year—after months of unemployment—Huddy has been co-hosting an afternoon radio show on New York’s 770 WABC.

“I thought that collectively the women named in all these newspaper articles just needed to let the dust settle, because our faces were being blasted out to the world in connection with a salacious scandal,” she said. “So I understood that there needed to be a cooling-off period—maybe a few months.

“But when months turned into years, and neither I nor my former colleagues who left under similar circumstances were being hired in television—not for lack of wanting or trying—then it became painfully clear to me that the dust-settling theory was really off the mark,” Huddy added.

“Why haven’t I been hired? Did my talent leave when I left Fox? It didn’t make any sense to me for a long time. Basically, I have come to believe that the reason we’re not being hired… is the fact that despite being the ones who got screwed, we’re radioactive.”