If Sanders had said privately that he had fears about America voting for a female candidate, he’s not saying anything you don’t hear from pretty much every other Democrat who is desperate to beat Trump in 2020. Because today Democrats find their pragmatism about the election in tension with their egalitarian impulses.

I can’t count the number of times I’ve heard voters say, “I really like Pete, but do you think he can win? I mean, will Americans vote for someone who is . . . uh, well, you know.”

Why, no, what ever could you mean? Short? Young? Harvard Educated? Oh, gay. You mean gay.

As a point of analysis, I don’t agree with the view that a woman couldn’t beat Trump in 2020. I just happen to think that Amy Klobuchar would have much better odds than Elizabeth Warren who is, totally aside from her gender, almost a dream foil for Trump.

And for that matter, I think a gay man might be able to beat Trump, too. And we know an African-American can get elected in America.