How much edge was gleaned from this convoluted and, some might say, distracting system of subterfuge? To what degree must we cast aspersions on the Astros’ 8-1 2017 home playoff record – including a strafing of Clayton Kershaw four days after he dominated in them at Dodger Stadium?

Or put stock in the fact that players like Bregman actually performed better on the road (a .290/.360/.503 slash line) than at home (.278/.343/.444) over the larger sample of the 2017 regular season?

It’s too late now for Bregman and Springer and Jose Altuve and all the charismatic, wildly talented players the Astros employed – their championship is tainted. With Springer and Carlos Correa hitting free agency in the next two years, and four top draft picks plucked away from the next GM, the Astro window suddenly looks a lot more narrow.