For liberals to look for leadership in a troubled teenager, who herself admits that she has accomplished nothing … well, it speaks volumes to the deep unseriousness of the left-wing climate movement. If liberals were simply concerned with the science of climate change, as they so often claim, perhaps they’d have rallied around an actual scientist instead of resorting to cult-like worship of a teenager who scolds them in almost apocalyptic terms for embracing modernity.

Likewise, the fact that so many liberals agree with Glamour’s characterization of Rapinoe as “the unapologetic pink-haired icon we’ve needed in 2019” exposes the emptiness of the ideology they are glorifying. After all, Rapinoe is certainly woke, but she’s also an unpatriotic, ungrateful, and dishonest celebrity who has contempt for the very country that has granted her, a lesbian, the future to thrive that was never afforded to gay people in almost any part of the world in all of human history.

Rapinoe dropped the U.S. flag on the ground to take advantage of a photo opportunity, pushed a fake, divisive narrative of sexism to score political points, and hates Americans who vote Republican — even her own father. On top of it all, she offers no meaningful policy agenda, political wisdom, or intellectual achievement of any kind. She even manages to turn moments of national unity into polarizing stands.