What Warren is trying to do — bounce from setback, and expand her base — is not easy. A piece Thursday by writer Bill Scher in POLITICO Magazine quotes Hart on his travails making the same effort to broaden his support after early wins against former Vice President Walter Mondale.

“Our weakness politically was Illinois to Pennsylvania, or really, Illinois to New York — the traditional manufacturing base, blue collar,” Hart told Scher. “I had been on magazine covers with Bill Bradley and a few others as an ‘Atari Democrat’ and that was a big burden in those industrial states to get rid of — that all I cared about were computers and Silicon Valley.”

Hart didn’t do it but some people do. It probably is scant comfort to Warren at the moment, as she pushes through the cold to regain momentum in Iowa and preserve it in New Hampshire, but it’s worth others remembering that no one in the modern era has reached the presidency without surviving moments when they were in very serious trouble.