What I don’t understand is why so so many of the president’s critics are still pouting. Gee, it’s so disappointing that you got exactly what you wanted and roughly half of the American people nominally agree with you about it. What a pity that ordinary working men and women feel like they have better things to do than join the rent-a-protester mobs being put on by various well-endowed SuperPACs to protest — what, exactly? This impeachment game has been going on for a long time. Everyone knew what the final score would be.

So why shouldn’t Trump’s opponents enjoy impeachment for what it’s been — that is, a massive if mostly symbolic victory? They got under the old lizard’s skin. They made it almost impossible for him to pursue infrastructure or any of the other things he campaigned on. They are living rent-free in his head and rarely leave their apartments. The same goes for his supporters. So have some fun. Invite friends over. Tweet your pronouns, thank your local graduate student or journo union, bathe in avocado liqueur, or whatever it is that people slightly to the left of Joe Lieberman are popularly supposed to do in the right-wing imagination. It doesn’t matter what the lumpenproletariat think. Just keep dancing on your own.