A questioner at one of Gabbard’s events said that he would like to see Trump win reelection in 2020 and then Gabbard win the presidency in 2024. Another told CNN that their primary concern is lawmakers trying to infringe on Second Amendment rights.

And then there are supporters like Chris Ward, a software engineer from Nashua who reluctantly voted for Trump in 2016 but laments what he sees as decaying credibility in the White House. Ward said he doesn’t want to vote for Trump again.

“I have been voting for President since 1996 and I very rarely find someone that I am voting for, I always feel like I am voting against somebody,” Ward said. “In the last election, I didn’t know who to vote again. I didn’t like either of them. Tulsi is one of the first candidates that I have ever met that I support. … I have never felt that way before.”

These voters are drawn to Gabbard’s outsider message.