Democrats say rising health and child care costs, ballooning student debt and concerns about retirement savings have left many voters feeling anxious about the future, even while others are enjoying the growth of their 401(k) accounts.

Half of Americans (49 percent) worry about an immediate financial need, such as paying rent or bills, while another quarter of the population have no immediate needs but are concerned about long-term financial issues like retirement, paying for a child’s education and health care costs, according to surveys taken by Gallup.

“Virtually every cost in the life of a middle-class family is up and that dynamic is frankly one of the reasons why (Trump) won the last election,” said Sen. Bob Casey, a Democrat who represents the key battleground state of Pennsylvania. “There was a frustration that neither party was addressing that basic problem.”

Those issues predated Trump, but Democrats argue he not only failed to address them, but also made things worse by undermining the Affordable Care Act and squandering his biggest legislative opportunity on a tax cut that most Americans think helped the wealthy and not them.