Spoiler alert: Trump is probably going to win in 2020

In contrast, this time around, none of Schumer’s requested witnesses have been heard from in any form or forum. What’s clear is that Republicans fear what White House officials might say about Trump and Ukraine; Democrats fear that Trump will not only walk away from the impeachment but also win reelection. Be afraid, be very afraid.

It’s a virtual certainty that Trump will emerge relatively unscathed and, credibly, unfazed. Not only are his supporters more stalwart than ever but, ahem, as I predicted a couple of columns ago, his base is expanding. Since the impeachment proceedings began, 600,000 new donors have contributed to the Republican National Committee, according to Axios. Last week alone, just as the House Judiciary Committee adopted two articles of impeachment, the Trump campaign and RNC together took in more than $10 million in small-dollar donations.

The Democratic National Committee made no such commensurate gains, though some Democrats running against designated Republican villains, such as Rep. Devin Nunes (Calif.), did see an uptick in fundraising.