As soon as the House impeaches President Donald Trump, the Senate is in theory required to immediately begin a trial. But for a multitude of reasons, both strategic and mundane, senators say they are aiming to reach an agreement to take a breather and come back for the trial in January.

Despite bipartisan hopes of not letting impeachment drag on, absolutely no one in the Senate seems to want to sacrifice their Christmas or New Year’s. And though nothing has been finalized, senators expect party leaders who have sway on the matter to agree in the coming days…

A delay might not be to everyone’s benefit. A person familiar with the White House’s thinking said that the administration’s preference is to start the trial with no delay, and it is actively seeking that result. And five Senate Democrats are still running for president; a trial starting in December would be less disruptive to their work campaigning in the early states with the Iowa Caucuses on Feb. 2.

But the Senate takes its scheduled breaks seriously and senators may need to rest up ahead of the grueling impeachment trial and its six-day work week.