San Franciscans are about to get a small taste of what Venezuelans have been suffering for two decades. And not only due to the increased public squalor that will be a direct result of Boudin’s opposition to policing. The Yale-educated Rhodes scholar once worked as a translator and advisor to that benighted land’s late president-for-life, Hugo Chavez. A decade ago, after Chavez abolished term limits, Boudin cheered. According to San Francisco’s future DA, the man who did more to destroy democracy in Venezuela than anyone established the “first participatory democracy I have ever seen.”

Singing the praises and whitewashing the crimes of leftist authoritarians runs in the Boudin family: Chesa is the son of two Weathermen terrorists who took part in a 1981 robbery that killed three people in Nyack, NY; he was raised by another pair of radical left-wing terrorists after his birth parents went to prison, and his grandfather was Fidel Castro’s lawyer.

Ever since Castro and his ragtag band of revolutionaries descended from the Sierra Maestra mountains six decades ago to overthrow Cuba’s military dictatorship, Latin America has attracted a particular type of affluent Western leftist like Boudin: the “Sandalista,” who, frustrated by the inability to establish socialism in their own country, treks south of the border where such utopian dreams are easier to fulfill. Mayor de Blasio, who ventured to Nicaragua to play his part in defending the Sandinista revolution, is another example of the species.