LEMON: Good to see you. What the hell is going on? I mean, this is a (INAUDIBLE), lawmaker who has pushed debunked conspiracy theories about Ukraine election and the Bidens, went to a school that trains Russian spies. What is Giuliani’s thinking?

SCARAMUCCI: So, listen, I mean, there is one play here if they want to preserve President Trump, and that is to use the whole Russian disinformation campaign to try to prop him up and have him maintain power. But I think what you just saw was a real patriot for an hour on your network which basically described what it actually happened and once the articles of impeachment are posted up, Don, I believe that those Republican Senators, I do believe this, many of them will look at that and say, wait a minute, I don’t want to be known forever in my family’s legacy, is that I backed this traitor who disavowed the American Constitution. I just don’t want to be known by that.

And I think her game theory of what is about to happen is going to eventually unfold, he will leave office. He will either resign from office or he will say he’s not running for reelection. And so, you know, the mayor, you know, I’m good friends with him, I wish the mayor well, he can do that, they can do the what-about-ism, if they want, which, you know, the Soviet stood for many years trying to keep the Soviet Union together. But it’s coming down. You know, you saw over the last week, the president is literally the most hated person in civilization.