I have supported, defended, and praised both Haley and Stefanik, including during Trump’s administration. From removing the Confederate flag from South Carolina’s statehouse grounds to standing for America’s principles at the United Nations, even if it meant standing alone, Haley provided multiple reasons to believe she would act morally and courageously. And I appreciated Elise Stefanik’s unwillingness to surrender when trying to help women win their primaries. Republican leadership disagreed with her, but she persevered. Both women balanced the tough, complicated line of being Republicans at a time when Donald Trump is the head of the party.

Now they seem unrecognizable.

Once the adults in the room, now they sound so much like Donald Trump that it’d be unsurprising to learn they’d hired his former communications staffers. It’s not just the juvenile nicknames; all of a sudden both women are apparently ignorant of the Constitution and congressional rules, and they’re going out of their way to tie themselves to Trump.