It’s hard not to notice crimes being committed in plain sight, and no one seems to care. The smell of marijuana isn’t new in the Big Apple, but now it’s prevalent everywhere, including on playgrounds on Saturday afternoons — and even when police ­officers are around.

Mentally ill people behaving violently on the subway, or urinating on the streets in broad daylight, are common. Instead of doing anything about it, the mayor issued an edict telling police not to call them “emotionally disturbed persons.” Thanks, Mr. Mayor, that bit of language policing is sure to fix the underlying problem.

“Nearly 900 city inmates may be freed even before bail-reform law takes effect,” read a recent headline. Such bits of news give New Yorkers discomfiting pause — and for good reason: One teenager who had robbed pedestrians of their jackets and phones at gunpoint was ­released on no bail only to be picked up last week on new charges of robbing a 14-year-old at knifepoint.