Haley’s tenure as ambassador to the U.N. is generally regarded as having been a success. In large part, this is because she gave a series of powerful floor speeches in defense of America’s greatness and Israel. And good on her for doing so.

But what no one seems to talk about when it comes to Haley’s time at the U.N is what actually happened in the world on her watch.

For instance, several principals of key organizations fell into the hands of the Chinese Communist Party’s allies. Tedros Adhanom, a Sinophile, was elected to head the World Health Organization. Haley nominated Ken Isaacs, a man with an embarrassing Twitter history, to head the International Organization for Migration, another increasingly important U.N. entity. Isaacs was such a weak pick that his nomination was defeated in the first round of voting. The position eventually was filled by a socialist from Portugal, the first time in nearly 50 years that the organization’s head was not an American. Haley failed to prevent the appointment of Natalia Kanem to lead the United Nations Populations Fund, another important U.N. entity. Kanem has made comments welcoming cooperation with China and its Belt and Road Initiative, an economic geostrategy that seeks to undermine America’s global influence.

Speeches can be important, but personnel is policy. And the grinding, bureaucratic trench warfare of fighting for American interests does not seem to have mattered to Haley unless there was a TV camera present.