The National Review — a pillar of conservative intellectual commentary since its inception in 1955 — published an entire issue dedicated to denouncing then-candidate Donald Trump in 2016. Although the outcry hasn’t been like that since the election, one of the magazine’s senior editors did make the case this week that Trump should be removed from office.

In Four Tests for Impeachment, Ramesh Ponnuru describes the bar impeachment advocates need to meet if they are to persuasively make the case for a president’s removal:

“First, [impeachment advocates] should have to show that the facts they allege are true. Second, they should show that the fact pattern amounts to an abuse of power or dereliction of duty by the president. Third, they should show that this abuse or dereliction is impeachable. And fourth, they should show that it is prudent for Congress to remove the president for this impeachable offense: that it would produce more good than evil.”