This week’s impeachment of President Trump came and went like a sun shower on a warm spring day. It was a slight annoyance, but once it passed, the country got back to its picnic of jobs, record stock-market highs and consumer confidence. For all of the Democrats’ pantomiming about the gravity of the moment, their party line vote had all the impact of a beanbag. So now, the articles of impeachment will move to the Senate for a trial. Or will they?

The latest twist in this reality show is that Speaker Nancy Pelosi is now not sure when or if she will send them to the Senate. She, along with the anti-Trump media, seems to think that by withholding them they can force Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to cave and demand that White House officials testify. A puzzled McConnell tried to explain that you can’t get leverage by refusing to give someone something they don’t want.

Let’s be clear. Senate Republicans would be thrilled if Pelosi just shoved the articles into the back of a closet in the speaker’s office next to a disregarded carton of Camels left by John Boehner.