“OBVIOUSLY, I’VE LOOKED AT THIS AS A TEMPORARY JOB,” Meadows told us in an interview Wednesday, speaking of serving in the House. “Endorsed term limits — never ran on a term-limit pledge. Every year it’s a decision whether you’re going to run again. Probably the hardest thing for me was the timing of this, because the president has accomplished so much. I’m not only an ally, but will continue to be an ally. And we’ve had discussions on how we can work more closely together in the future and I felt like filing and then potentially resigning at some point in the future would not serve my constituents in North Carolina best.”

THE FILING DEADLINE IN NORTH CAROLINA is Friday. Meadows has not filed — and will not file — for reelection. His state’s political picture has been shaken up by a court-ordered redraw of congressional districts. Meadows’ western North Carolina district has gotten marginally less conservative, but he said he’s confident he would win re-election.