Lisa Page is not a hero

In Jong-Fast’s telling, Page is just another public servant such as Fiona Hill, a Trump appointee of unimpeachable character, or Marie Yovanovitch, a consummate career diplomat who was undermined by a president. Think of Page as anything but what she really is — an unelected bureaucrat seeking, from behind the levers of power, to undermine a private citizen running for president. In other words, in a world filled with men and women of honor who have taken Trump to task, the Left is choosing to extol Page, someone whose actions destroyed public trust in her agency and helped create the modern mythos of the “deep state”

It almost makes sense. Trump’s 2016 chants of “lock her up” and apparent refusal to apologize or fess up to his adultery and abuse allegations seemed unprecedented for a politician, at least as a matter of public performance. But now Democrats are openly campaigning on prosecuting the president. Maybe, just maybe, their concerns about this were never sincere to begin with.

And if Katie Hill, a former congresswoman credibly accused of initiating an emotionally abusive romantic relationship with her subordinate, can become a Trump foil modeled after his own vices, then why can’t Page? The Left is doubling down on its effort to beat Trump to the bottom in a descent from decency.