Frankly, I trust Governor Kemp to get this right and give him the benefit of the doubt because I know him, like him, and have found his instincts right on these issues. But the conservative movement does not know him and conservatives nationally have a stake in this whether those in Georgia want to believe it or not. The person who sits in Johnny Isakson’s chair is going to help shape the federal judiciary, federal law, and more.

When the Susan B. Anthony List, Concerned Women of America, March for Life, etc. all speak with one voice expressing the same concern, our first reaction should not be to assume they are coordinating with Doug Collins because they aren’t. Their concerns are legitimate and their opposition is notable.

I have reason to trust Brian Kemp to get it right and they do not. They see a business executive on the board of a hospital that has roots in the abortion industry. They see a business executive with an ownership interest in the WNBA, which is explicitly hostile to conservative values and explicitly supportive of Planned Parenthood. They see a business executive who has wanted to get involved in Republican politics for some time and has never thought to build bridges with socially conservative groups.