Back in 2012, Republicans were terrified that tea party radicals would cost them the election by nominating an unelectable extremist. So, they united behind a genial, milquetoast moderate who they thought was more “electable” than some crazy right-winger. Sure, Romney didn’t have the “vision thing,” but it didn’t matter. Barack Obama was deeply unpopular, his approval rating stuck in the low 40s. All they needed was an inoffensive candidate who could ride anti-Obama sentiment into the Oval Office. It didn’t work out as they had hoped.

Today, Democrats face virtually the same situation. They are terrified that their left-wing base will nominate an unelectable extremist. So, they are backing Biden for the same reasons Republicans backed Romney. And it might not work out as they hope.

Like Romney, Biden is not a conviction politician who can energize the base with the power of his ideas. Like Romney, Biden is a personally decent guy who will be unable to withstand the brutal pummeling that his opponent will unleash in the general election. And like Romney, Biden is a gaffe machine.