During a panel discussion two days after the election, Chris Russell, a consultant for Mike Testa, the Republican who defeated Andrzejczak, said that “for him to muse about voting for President Trump, there’s only so much a base Democrat can take before they say ‘listen, I’ve got a problem with this.’”

That soon became apparent to Van Drew, who sought to head off doubts about his support by asking county Democratic chairs from the district whether they would sign a letter of support for him. According to a published report, many refused to sign. His own campaign’s poll showed him deeply unpopular with the district’s Democrats, according to a copy obtained by POLITICO.

Atlantic County Democratic Chairman Michael Suleiman even wrote a letter to Van Drew to make a last ditch plea for him to change his stance on impeachment, noting that the district’s late Republican U.S. Rep. Charles Sandman lost reelection in 1974 after being one of President Richard Nixon’s most high-profile defenders during the impeachment process.