This is how Comey sees himself, too, as a man of integrity who only ever sought to do the right thing.

But his idea of the right thing was to save the American people from themselves. In other words, to protect America from Donald Trump, a man he viewed as “fundamentally dishonest,” as he told Horowitz in a previous report, when he tried to justify leaking details of a private conversation with the president to the New York Times, via a friend.

Comey’s delusions of grandeur drove him into “noble cause” corruption, which is corruption nonetheless, and just as damaging.

He and his band of handpicked agents had convinced themselves Trump was a danger to the country and probably a Russian agent.

They cherry-picked evidence that confirmed their assumptions and discarded evidence that refuted it. It was a classic case of confirmation bias, which should have no place in law enforcement. It is how innocent people go to jail.